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I was recently in an accident that wasn't my fault and 'Not My Fault' was so efficient in getting me into a replacement car. It made the whole situation less of hassle for me. Would highly recommend to everyone!
Olivia Gomes
Olivia Gomes
23:43 12 Apr 17
Thanks for the great service, Got me in a car straight away without to much hassle.
Raffi Sarkissian
Raffi Sarkissian
00:11 23 Mar 17
Service was great and they gave me a nice BMW to drive for the duration of my cars repairs. Whole process was fairly straight forward also!
Samantha Kosir
Samantha Kosir
08:26 17 Mar 17
Great service. Thanks for the neat and tidy car. I appreciated the quick turnaround too.
Steven Lockstone
Steven Lockstone
10:07 14 Mar 17
I have now used the services of Not My Fault twice, and would be happy to recommend them to anyone. In both cases I was in a not at fault accident, but luckily, the at fault parties were insured, and Not My Fault were able to arrange a replacement car for me the next day.
David Canelas
David Canelas
03:32 14 Mar 17


If you find yourself saying it wasn’t my fault after an accident you were involved in then under Australian Law you have the right to drive a free replacement car. Insurance companies don’t readily advertise this given the fact that they will be the ones paying for the costs incurred.

Throughout Australia, there are a lot of people on the roads, especially in the main cities like Sydney and Melbourne. It’s not uncommon to get into a car accident. Whether it’s a simple fender bender or something more severe, your car could end up in a repair shop for repairs.

The biggest problem that you now have to deal with is that while your vehicle is in the repair shop, you have no car. If the accident wasn’t your fault, an accident replacement vehicle is available to you. You can call and schedule this replacement car so that you are not left without a car while it is under repairs.

You shouldn’t be inconvenienced just because someone else caused an accident. Knowing how to get a rental car and what the benefits will help you immensely.

There’s No Cost to You. The first thing you need to know is that there is no out of pocket expense to you when you get an accident replacement car because the rental car company works directly with the at fault insurance company and you are given the replacement car under a “credit hire” basis.

No cost means no cost. No down payment! Only security of credit card details in case you incur any fines or tolls etc.

You get the car without having to spend a fortune on out of pocket rental car fees. It doesn’t matter if your insurance company doesn’t provide you with a courtesy car. This is all done directly through the at fault insurance company because the party at fault was responsible for the accident caused to you.

You simply get to enjoy having a car while yours is in the shop without having to worry about the financial impact. This alone might allow you to sigh in relief.

A Like for Like Replacement because you shouldn’t have to settle for an inferior vehicle regarding size, safety, and even comfort.

When you get an accident replacement car, it is a like for like replacement. This means that if you have a small, fuel-efficient vehicle, this is what we try to get you in return. If you have a larger vehicle or luxury make, we will endeavour to get you into a suitable vehicle also. We do although need to take into account the age and value of your vehicle.

You shouldn’t be inconvenienced and not have the ability to drive your family around town or go to work because of being given an unsuitable car that you’re unhappy with.

It’s a Simple Process. Getting an accident replacement car is easier than you might think. As long as you can provide us with all requested accident details and parties involved details, we can handle the rest of the process.

To ensure that you don’t have to be without a car for any longer than necessary, we will deliver your replacement car to the repair shop for you. Then, when you get the call to collect your car, we will arrange to pick up our vehicle.

Getting a replacement vehicle is a great way to simplify your life.

The biggest reason to get an accident replacement vehicle is to restore your freedom. You don’t want to have to depend on public transportation or asking for a ride from friends and family which may not even be possible either.

If you don’t have your car, it’s a major inconvenience. When you’re not at fault in an accident, there is no better solution. You simply have to make the call or apply online to get the ball rolling and get you into one of our cars.


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