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When a car accident happens, it can catch you off guard and leave you in need of an accident replacement car. Of course, many companies offer accident replacement vehicles. However, these companies do not provide similar arrangements. So how do you know that you are getting the best deal? The following are three signs of a good accident replacement car arrangement.

1. It has zero costs

After a ‘not your fault accident’, a suitable replacement car arrangement will charge zero fees. You are not required to pay for any rental costs or a bond as a security on the vehicle. The rental charges will be recovered from the at-fault driver. However, you may be required to pay the car’s running costs, including parking fees, fuel, cleaning expenses, and toll fees. In addition, you might also be asked to pay for any unacceptable wear and tear of the accident replacement car after using it, if applicable.

2. The replacement vehicle is similar to your own

In an ideal accident replacement car arrangement, you are provided with a vehicle that is like-for-like, i.e. similar to your own. If you were driving an SUV for instance, the best deal entails getting a similar SUV for the replacement. Remember that the accident was not your fault in the first place. As such, you should not have to change your lifestyle to accommodate an accident replacement car that is smaller or less efficient than your own.

3. The deal is timely

If the crash was not your fault, why waste a day or two waiting for an accident replacement car? In an ideal arrangement, your replacement car is brought to your home or workplace shortly after the accident. Some providers go to the extent of delivering the replacement car at the accident scene. Overall, opt for an arrangement that ensures that your life continues with as little inconvenience on your side as possible.

If you find yourself not at fault after an accident, get in touch with Not My Fault. Your accident replacement car will be delivered to your home, work, or your repairer on time without any out-of-pocket payments.