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Getting an accident replacement car is a great way to take care of the inconvenience while your vehicle is under repairs. It is imperative to find the best price and avoid unnecessary additional costs. Here are four car rental secrets to getting a better deal.

1. Read the terms and conditions

It’s not advisable to merely skim through the terms and conditions because you may miss out on critical information. You should read through to get an idea of what is and isn’t allowed with the not at fault accident rental car. Some roads or regions may be off-limits, or there may be restrictions on driving to certain areas past certain hours because of the risk of hitting animals. You may be required to pay full damage costs if you go against the written terms and conditions.

2. Rent for longer periods

Weekly rates of the not at fault car hire may be lower than the daily rates. You may pay less if you rent the car for a period of seven continuous days as opposed to every 24 hours. Remember that the rates are often measured on a 24-hour basis, thus, pay attention to the pick-up and drop-off points. You may be obligated to pay for a full day if you extend the agreed drop-off time by an hour.

3. Check for pre-existing damage

Scrutinise the car before leaving the depot and take pictures if possible, to avoid disputes later. Inform the company’s representative if you come across any faults that are not listed in the rental car report. This can cushion you against paying for damages that pre-existed and weren’t caused by you.

4. Be aware of optional extras

Requesting optional extras like GPS or a baby seat can add on to your bill. Consider bringing your own navigation device or child seat to save some bucks.

The above tips can help you pay less after a not my fault accident. Not My Fault can take away the worries that come with a lack of transport. We offer a like for like replacement to ensure that you do not drive something far inferior to your own car. Call us today to get a replacement car if the accident wasn’t your fault.