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When you have been involved in a ‘Not My Fault’ accident situation, you might receive lots of advice from work colleagues, friends and family. All of it will doubtlessly be well intentioned, but that doesn’t mean it’s accurate. So, here are four things that people might say to you, or you could just automatically think are the case for your situation. They’re not true, and here’s why…

I have to settle for any accident replacement car I can get

Well no. The accident wasn’t your fault, so why should you continue to be inconvenienced by it? You should aim to receive a like-for-like replacement, one that allows you to carry on with your life much as you did before the accident. This doesn’t mean it has to be the same make or model, but it should be able to carry out the same transport functions.

‘Your insurance company will quickly let you know what you’re entitled to’

Some may, but others won’t. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, they are working in the repair area, getting your vehicle quickly back into a fit state – if that’s possible. Secondly, like most businesses, they look to save money when they can!

‘I know I’ll have to pay all the out-of-pocket expenses myself’

Again, why should you? You’re the one who has been innocently deprived of your vital source of transportation. The key is to take time to fully understand what your options are. It can be too easy just to assume certain situations, especially if you are feeling hassled or stressed by what’s happened. Reflect, consult, and breathe calmly before deciding!

‘You just go and hire a car yourself; you’ll get reimbursed’

If someone confidently tells you this, try asking them to lend you the money. See them backtrack on their advice in a heartbeat! Yes, you could get your money back; equally you might not. Even if you do, how many weeks or even months might pass before that happens?

How to reflect and consult

Our team here at Australian-owned Not My Fault have vast experience of these situations, so for no-obligation advice, or to answer any questions you have, please call us on 1800 699 034 before reaching any decision.