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When you get involved, in a car accident, you can be entitled to compensation if you can prove that the other driver was at fault. But establishing who was at fault may be difficult especially in a road accident.

The primary way to prove who is at fault after an accident is to collect evidence and witnesses. It may be time-consuming to do so, but it the best way to determine who is at fault after a crash. Fault collecting takes time, and it should begin moments after the accident has occurred. Here are three tips when you are involved in a not my fault accident.

1. Gather physical evidence

It often takes a few hours for an accident scene to be cleaned up. After an accident scene is cleaned up, you lose evidence that could show you were involved in a not my fault accident. As soon as you are out of your vehicle after the crash, begin to take pictures. Take every angle and shot photos of road signs at the scene. Also, try and note if the driver who caused the accident has a cell phone on them. Your attorney may need cell phone records to prove if the other driver was talking or texting before the crash.

2. Get an accurate police report

A police report is quite useful in proving fault. Be sure that the story is accurate as only a correct account of the accident will help you determine your innocence. Your report will often comprise of diagrams, what you and other drivers said about the crash as well as the officer’s initial impressions about the accident.

3. Do careful research of traffic laws

You or your attorney may have to decide if you or the other driver violated traffic laws before the accident. Running a red light or stop sign, following your vehicle too closely or speeding are all signs of careless or negligent conduct. Find out if any of these occurred.

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