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Our previous blog looked at problems caused by bad weather. Often, in Australia, the problem can be at the other end of the scale! It’s just as important to take sensible precautions to help avoid being caught in a not at fault car accident when the sun is blazing down. So here are five important precautions to take…

1. Make sensible use of the visor. This might even lead you to consider the purchase of a sun visor extender. These easily fit onto the existing visor of most vehicles, are easily adjustable, and can offer significant added protection against the harshest sun glare. Do make sure you fit them in line with the needs of Australian Design Rules and the instructions provided.

2. If you have any doubt about your vision, especially in bright sunshine, book an appointment for an eyesight test. While you do so, it would also be wise to talk to your optometrist about the possibility of using a pair of prescription sunglasses.

3. Clean your windshield before setting out on your journey. Also, take a moment to ensure your cleaning fluid tank is well-stocked. Dirt on a windscreen can increase any problems caused by sun glare. Using wipers when the fluid runs out can cause the sudden and dangerous smearing of whatever muck has hit the glass.

4. Take a moment for some journey planning, particularly for longer or irregular drives. Even changing your journey time by a few minutes can have an effect. Aim to avoid having to drive directly into a low rising or setting sun when dangerous glare is at its worst.

5. Think pace, space and place. Take your time in such driving conditions, while also adding a little more space to the vehicle in front. In terms of place, use any road markings to confirm your position on the highway.

An accident, but not my fault

In spite of your best efforts, you might still be a blameless accident victim. Under Australian Law, you are entitled to a replacement courtesy car while your vehicle is being repaired. To find out more, or make such a claim, simply contact our experienced Not My Fault team…