Being in the wrong place

Information required


You’re not at fault but NOT INSURED

If you happen not to be comprehensively insured or not insured at all and the other party in the accident was at fault then you can still fix your vehicle without any issues provided the other party is insured.

You’d simply need to find out who the person at faults vehicle is insured with and contact that insurer to advise them that their client has hit your vehicle. In the event that the other party isn’t insured things will then become a little trickier and you may need to engage the services of a Lawyer.

Extent of damage

We like to inform our clients that just because the extent of damage visually caused may seem quite minimal or not evident in some cases please do not ignore getting your car repaired or looked at by a licenced Smash Repair workshop.

Vehicles these days contain plastic bumper bars and when they absorb an impact they sometimes pop back out giving the initial visual effect that there is no damage except for a few light scratches.

In reality you may be surprised to know that there are plastic brackets, clips, bar absorbers etc which could be damaged underneath the bumper bar and could possibly even compromise the safety of the vehicle. Please be sure to have professionals to investigate further.