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Though some car safety checks should be carried out by a professional, there are some easy ones that you can perform yourself. And there’s no better time to be checking your car than in the new year! Running these checks could help you spot a problem with the car, saving you the time, hassle and money it would cost should the problem go unnoticed. Read on to remind yourself of the checks you should be regularly carrying out on your car.


You should aim to regularly check the oil levels of your car – consult the manufacturer’s handbook if you’re not sure how to. It’s best to check the oil level before the red warning light comes on; once the red light comes on, it’s possible that damage has already been done to your engine.


This one might seem obvious, and it is – but it’s surprising how many drivers neglect to regularly check their fuel levels. It’s better to plan your journey ahead to a gas station, rather than having to make an emergency visit.

Tyre pressure

Not checking your tyre pressure regularly heightens the risk of an accident or breakdown. You should remember that you need to adjust your tyre pressure in accordance with how much fuel you have onboard – a full tank needs a higher tyre pressure. Again, if you aren’t sure what the appropriate pressure should be, then consult your manufacturer’s handbook.


You should remember to check your lights regularly, for both the safety of yourself and the safety of other drivers. When inspecting your lights, remember to give them a thorough clean, check for cracks, and ensure that none of the bulbs is blown or dim.


Overheated cars are particularly a large issue here in Australia, so it’s imperative that you check your coolant level not only at the start of the year, but additionally every couple of weeks thereafter. Even better, before any long journey. While doing this, remember to check your windscreen washer fluid levels. If either water level seems low, then it’s wise to check for leaks.

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