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Driving safely into springtime

By April 26, 2022November 20th, 2023No Comments

As the seasons change, so do many driving behaviours. Coming out of winter, driving might have been only about necessity, especially during various stages and types of lockdown. Hopefully, the new season will see a gradual change. A few tips to fully prepare you for the enjoyment of spring driving include:

Carry out a post-winter check

Depending on the level of use, and the varying climate across Australia, your vehicle might have had a tough winter, so it’s wise to give it a detailed inspection. This means checking the battery, brakes and tyres for wear and tear. But also, complete a check of the windscreen and paintwork looking for tiny dents, scratches and the like that driving in harsher weather might have caused.

Be prepared for increased traffic

It’s likely that more people will be out and about in their cars as the season develops. Remember that more of these trips might be for leisure and pleasure, rather than necessity or convenience. Inexperienced drivers might also be taking to the road. Families might be getting back to taking trips with kids sometimes being disruptive! All this means that it pays to be increasingly observant. Not just for drivers; walkers, hikers, cyclists and others will be rediscovering the joys of being outdoors.

Watch out for road changes

Such changes might involve roadworks or even changes to designations of roads. It’s easy to assume that everything was as before, even if you haven’t driven this way for a while. Also, watch for any damage that poor winter weather might have caused to the surface. Suddenly appeared potholes, for example, are best avoided! Surface wear may have led to increased accumulations of water after a storm, so last year’s insignificant puddle might now be somewhat deeper.

Sadly, a not at fault car accident can still happen

Even when taking increased care, you might still be the unlucky victim of another driver’s negligence or thoughtlessness. Your vital vehicle may suddenly be headed for a repair shop. If this happens to you, as soon as you are able, call our Not My Fault team on 1800699034.

Under Australian Law, you are entitled to an accident replacement car. Our experienced professionals can set to work on your behalf and get you back on the road.