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Even if the accident you’ve been involved in isn’t your fault, making the necessary arrangements for transport until your own vehicle is ready for use again can feel like a real inconvenience. The reality is that there are often significant advantages to be had by using a courtesy car as a change from your usual vehicle. Take a look at five benefits which a courtesy car could bring.

1. Try out a fresh model

They say a change is as good as a rest: on that basis, hiring a courtesy car should be a positive experience! Using a different vehicle gives you the chance to experience different handling, fresh features and a whole new driving experience. This could stand you in good stead when it comes to picking your next car.

2. Why not move up the market?

It’s often possible to use a vehicle with a higher specification than your current car. If you’ve had a “not my fault” accident, why not turn it to your advantage and hire as good a model as you can? Driving round in style is always a plus!

3. Green technology could save you a packet

One of the major benefits of newer vehicles is that they are designed with fuel efficiency in mind. From automatic cut-off at the lights through to alerts should you be in a gear that’s wasteful of energy, contemporary cars are geared towards fuel saving. Particularly if you habitually drive an older model, you could see your fuel costs plummet when you opt for a courtesy car.

4. No need to worry about repairs and servicing

Courtesy cars are kept in an excellent state of repair and enjoy regular servicing. This means that you can simply sit back and enjoy the ride when you hire one.

5. Make those special trips in a courtesy car!

Celebrate your hire car and enjoy driving it on days out or to visit distant relatives. Premium handling and excellent mpg ensures that your courtesy car will give you a ride that’s every bit as good as your usual driving experience, if not better!