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Of course, the accident itself is traumatic and upsetting, even if your injuries are only scrapes and bruises. You were not at fault, yet your car might be off the road for a period of time. It’s easy to start worrying about how you will get to work, visit elderly relatives, take kids to the many places they always seem to need to be. It can feel as if a heavy weight has descended on your shoulders through absolutely no fault of your own.

So here are the four bits of good news

Our experienced team, here at Not My Fault, are often still surprised by how many of the people who call us after such an accident don’t fully appreciate these facts…

# Under Australian Law, if you are the victim of an accident that isn’t your fault, then you are entitled to a courtesy replacement vehicle and an excess waiver is included.

# The payments for this courtesy car are the responsibility of the insurer for the person who was at fault for the accident which put your car off the road.

# The replacement vehicle should closely match the size and style of your own – a 4WD shouldn’t be substituted by a compact. The idea is that the replacement car allows you to carry on your daily life as close to normal as possible until your vehicle is ready to get back on the road.

# The aim is to minimise the inconvenience; therefore your replacement car can be delivered to the repair shop where you are leaving your own car, and then it can be picked up from the same location when you return to claim your own, repaired vehicle.

Be ready to contact our Not My Fault team if you need to

As well as being able to apply online, it makes sense to keep this number – 1800699034 – in your wallet or purse, stored in your mobile phone index, or on your hand-held device. Then, if the worst happens, a quick call can see our helpful team gather the information they need to confirm that you qualify and then get to work organising that courtesy car hire in so many locations across Australia. We’re ready to help, if and when you ever need us!