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There are a variety of different causes of accidents, many of them not your fault; for example, when you are the victim of another’s poor or reckless driving. However, it also pays to keep your car in good order, carefully checking that it’s roadworthy.

One key area for careful assessment is to check your tyres on a regular basis. Here are some reasons for taking such action.

# General wear and tear

Here, people assume that, providing they have the minimum legal tread depth, then it’s all okay. Remember, that is a minimum; replacing worn tyres before they reach this point is a wise precaution to take.

# Inflated correctly

If your tyres are over-inflated, it becomes more difficult to maintain contact with the road surface. This also leads to stress in the structure of your tyres, meaning their life expectancy is reduced. Under-inflated tyres can lead to poor handling, a higher chance of punctures, and the possibility of under-steering – one of the key causes of traffic accidents.

# Cracked or bulging tyres

This type of damage is often caused by inadvertently coming into contact with holes in the road, or kerbs. Cracking is also a key indicator that tyres are ageing and may well need to be replaced.

# Misalignment

Here, your tyres show increased wear on one side, and misalignment can lead to the level of traction and grip on the road surface being reduced. This can again be the result of coming into contact with kerbs

# Harsh braking

Some drivers like to break at the last moment rather than incrementally. This can lead to tyres becoming worn in certain areas; and it’s even worth checking for this type of damage, even after a single emergency stop.

Your tyres may be fine but you’re not accident-proof!

No matter how carefully you look after your tyres, you can still fall victim to the mistakes or careless driving of others. Under Australian law, if you are the victim of a not your fault accident, then you are entitled to a replacement courtesy car whilst yours is in the repair shop.

So, keep our Not My Fault contact number in your phone – 1800699034 – and call us as soon as possible if you fall victim to another’s poor driving.