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Every driver knows that the vehicle stops when they press down on the brake pedal. Most don’t give a second thought to what goes on there as it’s simply second nature to them. How can someone slow down a 1.5-tonne car with the power of one leg? That’s not the case, at least not by itself, as your vehicle’s brake system must multiply your leg’s force many times to stop the wheels.

The hydraulic system

Hydraulic pressure is responsible for the braking system in your car. The master cylinder in the engine compartment receives pressure when you apply the brake pedal. The master cylinder contains a piston that applies pressure to the brake fluid. Each of your vehicle’s wheels is connected to hydraulic brake lines, which force fluid from the master cylinder on pistons. The brake pads, in turn, press against a disk attached to the wheel, resulting in the car slowing down and stopping. Since brake fluid has no compressibility, it has the same power as steel rods, but it has one significant advantage over steel rods, it can travel through complex lines that snake around your car.

Disk brakes and drum brakes

Most modern automobiles use disc brakes to slow down their wheels, and drum brakes to slow them down on their back wheels. Brake discs are connected to wheels or axles in disc brake systems. The attached wheel slows down as braking pads push against both sides of the disc. The friction in drum brakes is caused by the brake shoes pressing against the drum’s inside.

What can go wrong with brakes?

The consequences of a failing braking system are obvious. The inability of your car to stop quickly and easily can result in both minor and major accidents, which means you may need a replacement courtesy car to get on your way again. The following factors may contribute to brake failure; an oily or greased brake system, overheated brakes with hot spots, worn brake pads and leaking brake fluid.

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