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Imagine this scenario, although it’s not a pleasant thing to do: You are out and about in your car, driving sensibly and carefully. Yet, despite that, you are suddenly involved in a road traffic accident through absolutely no fault of your own.

The first consideration is the health of you and any other people in your vehicle. Provided your injuries are slight, if any, you are now stuck at the side of a road somewhere, with your car inoperable, and in need of a visit to a local repair shop.

How can you carry on with your daily life?

This might involve driving to and from work, picking the kids up after school or sports practice, undertaking the weekly shop or visiting elderly relatives. All of which requires wheels. Instant panic can set in; you might immediately hire a replacement vehicle and pay for it up-front. You hope to get your money back – eventually.

Good news – there is a better way!

Under Australian law, if you are a victim of a not your fault accident, you are entitled to an accident replacement car. But, there’s an even better proviso. Imagine you have a family to transport, and your own vehicle is of a size to allow you to do so. There would be not much use in your replacement car being a tiny compact!

Luckily, the replacement vehicle you receive should be as close to your own, in terms of viability, as possible. It might be a different make or model, but it should be fully functional as a like-for-like replacement in terms of meeting your specific needs. This means that, until your own vehicle is roadworthy again, you have the means to carry on with your normal daily life.

Contact our Not My Fault team as soon as possible

With established expertise, as soon as you contact us, we can set to work on your behalf. We are happy to deliver your courtesy replacement vehicle to the repair shop where your own car is being sorted. After it’s ready for the road again, we’ll even pick up your courtesy car from the same place – a hassle-free experience!

This is why it pays to keep our Not My Fault number with you at all times: 1800699034.