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We’re not just talking about accidents or emergencies here, but also about using good technique when braking during normal driving situations. Here are three questions to help you check some key points…

Do you keep scanning your stopping area?

The key is to stop as smoothly and timely as you can. As you scan ahead, do you pay keen attention to road signs, signals, any warning markings? Are you scanning for potential hazards, which might involve pedestrians as well as other road users? One key to assessing this: how often do you have to brake sharply when you shouldn’t have needed to do so?

Do you brake early and smoothly?

Following-on from the previous point, there’s a saying that ‘braking early is really on-time braking’. This is particularly true when road or weather conditions are not ideal. People who constantly seem to brake late might sub-consciously be using the brake pedal almost like you would an on-off switch, rather than for delivering increasing control over a brief period of time.

Is your foot where it should be?

Another sign of problem braking is not having your foot poised over the brake when approaching a situation where it may need to be used. Covering the brake allows you to reduce your reaction time – and also means that your speed is already slowing. This then reduces the time you need to stop safely.

Others may not be as skilled at braking as you!

Appreciating that can help you avoid some potential accident situations where others would be at fault. However, even when this is true, it’s possible to be the innocent victim of an accident where you were not at fault.

If your vehicle is going to be in the repair shop for a while; there is at least one piece of better news. Under Australian Law, if you are not at fault then you are entitled to a replacement courtesy car to keep you on the road until your own is ready to return to duty.

Keep this number with you: 1800699034. If the above happens to you, call our experienced Not My Fault team and set us to work on your behalf. After all, we are Australia’s no.1 car accident replacement service!