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You are driving back one evening from a visit to your parents. It’s a low evening sun – and that’s probably what caused the accident. The other driver was entirely at fault, but the result was that your family car has suffered fairly extensive damage. Luckily, minor bruises and scrapes were the extent of your injuries. You find yourself sitting by the roadside waiting for a tow truck to take your vehicle to a repair shop. This is the moment when you become fully aware of just how much you rely on your car.

Which of these might apply to you?

• You drop your partner off each morning at their office as you head off to work

• Your son needs to be taken to and from twice-weekly soccer practice

• Your daughter has an upcoming inter-state gymnastics competition

• Their upcoming anniversary means that you have promised to take your in-laws for a Sunday lunch at a favourite beachside restaurant

These might not specifically reflect your situation, but you will surely have your own range of similar needs where your own transport is essential. For instance, 80% of workers in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and the ACT drive to work each day, meaning being without a car can have a major impact on day to day life.

It’s time to reach a decision

Now you might pull out your phone to arrange to hire a car until yours is repaired. You know it’s going to be a substantial cost up-front, but hope to get your money back – eventually. Yet – and many people don’t realise this – under Australian Law, you are entitled to a courtesy replacement car after a not your fault accident; and it’s up to the insurance company to pay for it.

Call Not My Fault: your go-to accident replacement car experts

In situations like the one above, call us on 1800699034 just as soon as possible. We quickly gather the information we need and then help not at fault drivers to get back on the road. The replacement courtesy car should be of the same type as you drive – no replacing a 4WD with a compact – allowing you to carry on with your busy life. We can even organise to drop the vehicle off and then later pick it up from the repair shop where you are leaving your damaged car. So, keep our number close, and if the unfortunate event of a not your fault accident happens to you, remember to call our experienced and helpful team.