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A car accident itself is bad enough – the stress, time and money involved can be really overwhelming! All this is made so much worse by the knowledge that you’re going to be without a car for a while. Not having access to a car makes simple things like grocery shopping a huge hassle. Here are some tips about claiming insurance when you’re not at fault.

Make sure both parties file a claim

If you’re involved in an accident, regardless of who is at fault, you’ll both need to make claims to your insurance companies. You’ll need to provide the other driver’s details, a written account of what happened when the accident occurred and pictures of the scene and any damages. Once these have been provided, the insurance companies will discuss costs and settle any disputes about fault.

Document everything

Make sure you’ve got plenty of pictures of the damage and clearly understand what happened when you submit your written claim. While you might be anxious to get your claim in as soon as possible, take a bit of time to let your nerves subside so you can think clearly. A claim that’s inaccurate is no good for anyone.

Ensure your rental car is on par with your own

Luckily, many insurance companies will cover the cost of a rental car so you can get on with your life while your own car is repaired.

However, one big tip we can give is to make sure that the car you’re given is of equal quality to your own car. It likely won’t be the same make or model, but it should be equally clean and have the same capabilities. If your own car has Bluetooth, a reversing camera or heated seats, it’s only natural you would be given the same in your rental car.

At Not My Fault Car Hire, we help drivers like you get back on the road and back to their life every day. We know this is a stressful time, so get in touch and we can have a rental car delivered direct to you ASAP!