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A not at fault accident can happen any time when you are on the road, and when you are driving with a full car of the people you love is no different. While you may feel distressed by the experience, or physically injured, more than likely, your passengers are feeling the same way as you.

As the person driving the car during the accident, you are a vital support person to your passenger’s recovery, both physically and emotionally. In this article, we discuss how you can best support the passengers in your car who were with you during the not at fault accident, and the type of assistance you can offer them easily.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Attending to your passenger’s injuries as soon as possible is vital as it’s possible they have sustained injuries. While this advice may seem obvious, your passenger may not express their injuries, simply due to the heightened adrenalin and stress of the situation. Checking on their condition is critical, and by offering immediate medical attention, you are ensuring they’re receiving adequate care.

Follow Up Physically And Emotionally

After the accident, once everyone has returned to normal life, it’s essential to check on your passengers, especially if they have suffered injuries from the crash. While they know the accident wasn’t your fault, your loved ones will greatly appreciate your presence through their physical recovery.

Though your passenger may not have been physically hurt in the accident, emotional distress can linger longer than the physical pain. During this follow up time, don’t neglect the feelings and emotions of your passengers. Ensure you are prioritising their mental health and ability to process the events.

Offer Legal Assistance

As a result of the accident, your passenger may have endured irreversible damages to their daily and work life. From physical injuries, like broken bones, to emotional trauma, your passenger’s ability to perform everyday activities, since the accident, may have suffered. Every person’s insurance and legal circumstances are unique; however, your offer of support, to assist with legal proceedings and insurance claims, will not go unappreciated.

Keep them updated

As you are concerned about them, they will be concerned about you, so keep them posted with updates about your situation after the not at fault accident. Your passengers will want to know the progress of your insurance claims, the status of your accident replacement vehicle, and how you are recovering from the event.

A not at fault accident doesn’t have to destroy the lives of you, the driver, or of everyone travelling with you. Contact us at Not My Fault to discuss your accident, and how to get back behind the wheel in no time!