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As the festive season creeps up on us, many people will be taking a long drive home, or to a chosen holiday destination, for part of the holidays. So, this makes now a good time to offer a few quick reminders about packing a car, as safely as possible, when you have a lot to take with you…

Don’t take what you don’t need!

Try laying everything out that you’re thinking of taking with you (not including your partner or children). Then, edit out what you don’t need (still not including…).

Pack as skillfully as possible

The use of vacuum bags, instead of rigid cases where these are not necessary for your method of transport, is one way to decrease space. Other space-saving tips can include putting items inside others such as socks (and many other smaller items) within wellington or hiking boots! Think of using empty spaces, such as underneath the front seats or the glove compartment (useful for small electrics), as long as this won’t lead to anything shifting dangerously during your journey.

Keep your car balanced

Aim to keep heavy weights away from the above wheel area, and be careful not to overload or unbalance anything being placed in a roof rack or box.

Preparing to arrive

More about unpacking than packing, but if you’re arriving late after a long drive, an overnight essentials bag could mean you can leave the main unpack until a new day!

A Not My Fault accident in a strange location

However careful, it’s still possible to fall victim to an accident that’s not your fault. Away from your usual environment, with a car that’s going to need to spend some time in an unfamiliar repair shop, it can be easy to panic and spend a substantial sum on a rental car and hope you’ll be able to reclaim it later.

Don’t! Instead, keep this number to hand – 1800699034. Call our helpful and professional Not My Fault team, because, under Australian Law, such circumstances mean that drivers are entitled to an accident replacement car. We can quickly set to work on your behalf and the replacement should be of a similar category as your own – vital when you might be fully loaded!