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Even if the other driver was liable for the accident, their insurance company might shift the blame on you. You might not vividly recall events that led to the accident, and even if you do, you might need substantial evidence.

Sometimes, the other driver will own up to it, which makes it easier for you to claim a personal injury case. However, it’s your responsibility to understand and know the traffic laws and prove that the other driver violated them. It is crucial to gather information soon after an accident, while the events are still fresh in mind. But how do you do that?

Traffic and video surveillance footage

Obtain traffic and video surveillance footage immediately after the accident. Find out if there are local businesses with cameras that can help retrieve footage of the events. Your lawyer can help acquire evidence from the highway cameras operated by local municipalities.

Rear-end collision liability

In most cases, the rear driver is at fault if they hit you from the back. It is their fault that they failed to keep a reasonable distance in the event the car in front stops. They might try to shift the blame to a third party, but they are still liable for the damages.

Police reports

If the police officers came to the scene of the accident, especially if there were injuries, they usually come up with a report about the accident. In some situations, they might not appear at the scene. Be sure to report the matter to the police immediately. Furthermore, it is essential to ask how to get a copy of the report as this will be good evidence to present at court.


Third-party witnesses are valuable sources. A witness has to have seen the accident happen for their witness statement to be valid. They could be people walking by or other drivers not involved in the accident.

We can’t be too careful on the road, accidents are bound to happen and, in most cases, not my fault accidents. Accidents are stressful, making a compensation claim is a hassle, but getting a replacement courtesy car shouldn’t be. Call Not My Fault to make arrangements, you have the right to drive a quality accident replacement vehicle.