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How to secure your car before a storm

By April 27, 2022November 20th, 2023No Comments

As we move into 2022, Australia is still reeling from the destruction caused by Cyclone Seth with heavy rain and dangerous surf caused by the tropical cyclone.

It’s vital to make sure your vehicle is protected before a storm to avoid damage, theft, or blocking emergency roads.

1. Take photos of the car’s condition before the storm

Before a storm, you should get photos of your car from all angles, including any windows or mirrors. This is for personal and insurance purposes should you need to make a claim.

2. Store important documents safely and keep copies elsewhere

Your car’s registration and insurance documentation should be kept in a Ziplock plastic bag or similar inside a dry place in the car. However, you should also make sure you have copies elsewhere outside of the vehicle in case these are damaged or lost.

3. Park in a garage or close to a building

Most damage from storms or cyclones occurs from the high winds and water. Not My Faut recommends parking your car in a secure garage where possible or otherwise close to a building. This gives it partial protection from high winds and will ensure that it is clearly visible to pedestrians, rescue teams, and yourself.

4. Avoid parking near trees or power lines

During the high winds, it’s not uncommon for trees and power lines to fall and cause damage to things below them. You should always avoid parking under or near these. If there are no other options, park on the other side of the road from these and exactly between the two where necessary to limit the potential strike zone.

5. Take photos of any damage incurred during the storm

For insurance purposes, you should also take photos of any damage that your car or vehicle incurs because of the storm or cyclone. These should always be taken in good lighting and be dated.

For more information about preparing your car for a storm or to order a replacement vehicle, get in touch with Not My Fault today.