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You might be slightly surprised at the use of the word ‘hurt’ in our title. However, a car really does become a part of the family – many people are personally attached to their vehicle, and rely on it to be an always reliable and ever-present key part of their lives.

What happens when this situation suddenly changes?

Out of the blue, you and your vehicle are involved in a road traffic accident. Hopefully, any injuries are minor, but you are still ‘hurt’ by the event. You are not at fault in any way, but this doesn’t prevent your vehicle suffering some level of damage. Suddenly, the whole dynamic of your life can seem changed. Those tasks that were completed, almost without thought, seem problematical.

This might include transporting kids or parents to where they need to be. You may need to drive to work, especially if you job is sited away from convenient rail or bus links. You might even pick up colleagues or have to go and visit business customers. And all this is before you can even think about the range of leisure activities for which you also need wheels.

How can you ease the ‘hurt’?

Many motorists don’t appreciate this, but if you are the victim of a not your fault accident, you are actually entitled to the use of a courtesy replacement vehicle (of the same type) for the period your own car is in the repair shop. The cost is met by the insurance company of the guilty party – a fact that is not regularly advertised!

To further keep you on track, this replacement vehicle can be delivered to your home address, place of work, or even the repair shop where you are leaving your own, damaged car. This allows you to carry on with your daily life just as you would have before suddenly being the victim of that not at fault road traffic accident.

So, if you are the victim of an accident where you were not to blame, as soon as possible you should contact our helpful and experienced team here at Not My Fault on 1800699034 – or you can complete our quick Online Application.