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‘Well, that’s inconvenient’ might not be the first phrase that comes into your mind if you are involved in an accident that palpably was not your fault. Apart from actual physical injuries you might suffer, you are likely to be angry, frustrated, shocked – in fact, a whole range of understandable emotions.

As you move beyond the feelings mentioned above, then the inconvenience of the situation will hit home. Your vehicle, after an accident for which you were in no way to blame, is likely to be out of service for a period of time as it sits in the repair shop. Perhaps there will be a wait for the delivery of replacement parts as well as for the time taken then to complete the work.

Four ways we help limit that inconvenience

Here at Not My Fault, we’re still surprised by the number of people who contact us and are unaware of one simple fact. Under Australian Law, after a ‘not my fault accident’ you are entitled to a replacement courtesy car. To make sure that you get what you are entitled to, here’s four simple ways that we help minimise the inconvenience you’re suffering:

1. It’s so easy to start making your claim. Simply keep a note of this number: 1800 699 034. Then, should you ever be the victim of a not your fault accident, we can get straight to work on your behalf.

2. You are entitled to a vehicle as close to your own as possible. This means you won’t have the added inconvenience of fitting your large family into a much smaller car!

3. We can arrange delivery of your courtesy replacement vehicle direct to the repair shop where you are leaving your damaged vehicle – so no extra travelling is required to collect it.

4. Similarly, we can then collect it from that repair shop when yours is roadworthy and ready for you to use again.

Problem solved!

We know we can’t help you feel less angry at the person whose carelessness or recklessness caused the accident. We appreciate that you’ll miss being in your own car. But our experienced Not My Fault team can quickly set to work to keep you on the road!