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You’ve been involved in an accident and you can say to yourself ‘It was not my fault’. Luckily, you have suffered no serious injuries, although you are probably quite shocked by what has just happened. This is why it is so important to stop and take the time to think clearly.

What prevents clear thinking at this moment?

You might feel a growing sense of panic because your daily life seems to be crowding in on you. You may be injury-free, but your vehicle is damaged to a degree that means it will need to spend some time in a repair shop. While these repairs are being completed, how are you going to take the daily trip to work? How will the kids get to school? What about that weekend family trip to the city or the seaside you were meant to take? Then, there’s your elderly aunt who lives a distance away and relies on your regular visits.

Any or all of the above can cause a panicked decision

You take the plunge and arrange for a hire car. You accept that it’s expensive upfront, and you are just hoping that you’ll be able to recoup the costs at a later stage. Our Not My Fault team know of many individuals who have made this move – and regretted it later.

A simple truth many Australians don’t know

If you are the innocent victim of a not your fault accident, Australian law means that you are entitled to a replacement courtesy car. The costs for this should be met by the insurers of the person who is responsible for your accident. This is probably why it doesn’t seem to be widely advertised!

A couple more pieces of good news

The replacement vehicle should be as close to your own as possible – in other words, they shouldn’t be trying to fob you off with a tiny compact when your own vehicle is a family saloon.

Secondly, our Not My Fault team regularly arrange delivery of the replacement car right to the repair shop where you are dropping off your own – and then picking it up from there again when you go to collect your repaired vehicle.

Keep our information to hand just in case you ever need us

The Not My Fault team can be quickly reached by dialling 1800699034 or you can contact us online…