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Nearly everyone who has been driving frequently for a considerable amount of time naturally thinks they are a good driver. In their mind, good driving is limited to the ability to manoeuvre a vehicle regularly on a busy road. They do not know that the qualities or characteristics of a good driver extend beyond knowing how to drive, to efficiency from constant improvement, character, skill, and knowledge.

The right attitude

If your skills and knowledge of driving are not supplemented by the right attitude, you cannot be a good driver all the time. The correct attitude keeps a driver calm and tolerant regardless of the situation. That is why quality drivers do not panic in times of emergency or get overly-fearful, agitated, angry, and impatient because that can lead to devastating consequences. It is only by being in the right frame of mind that drivers take the right decisions and execute them smoothly and immediately. Drivers with the right attitude have self-awareness and the realisation that nobody is perfect and that learning from their mistakes and those of others is a smart thing to do.


One must be indisputably good at steering, changing gears, applying brakes, and accelerating smoothly to be an excellent driver. Did you know that the mechanics of vehicles driven by good drivers experience less stress and therefore fewer cases of unnecessary breakdowns? A not my fault car accident is the main problem good drivers face.

Skill here also includes defensive driving which is a way of anticipating and proactively acting on situations for the sake of your safety, that of others, and everything else around. Excellent driving skills are what keep a good driver’s eyes constantly on the road and wherever pedestrians, children, stray animals, and objects may be. Groom the habit of awareness and vigilance and with time, you will become the good driver you think you are.


A good driver is fully educated on what a driver should know about vehicles, road safety, and the importance of safe driving. To be a good driver, you need to respect the rights of others and also know your own physical, mental and emotional limitations and how to overcome them. You should know what causes car accidents, for example, daydreaming, driving under influence, distractions, fatigue, sleepiness, and how to avoid or curb them.

Let us do all it takes to be good drivers. It is a great way to enjoy driving while making our roads safer. Until then, you may well be involved in a not my fault car accident if others don’t pay heed to what it takes to be a good driver – which is when it’s time to give us a call!