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You may be in a location you rarely or never visit. Equally, you might be making regular journeys in your local area. The fact is that accidents can, and do, happen almost anywhere. Whether you are familiar with where you’re driving, or it’s new to you, it pays to be equally vigilant.

5 locations where accidents often happen

Rural areas

A lot of accidents happen in quiet, almost deserted, spots. This can be because drivers are lulled into a sub-conscious thought that the roads are empty and there’s no-one about. Levels of vigilance can, therefore, be lower than they should be.

Busy cities or towns

A key factor in accidents in these places can be frustration. Slow-moving, frequently backed-up traffic, even thoughtless drivers switching lanes suddenly or trying to cut in, can lead to a more impatient or even aggressive form of driving by others. Too-late braking when traffic lights change is another regular result of such circumstances.

Unusual road layouts and intersections

Again, familiarity with such spots can lead to reduced attention. Equally, if a road layout is new to you, then you might make an error, being unsure who has the right-of-way; those who drive here regularly might not be prepared for that.

Parking places

Manoeuvring in and out of garages or parking lots; trying to spy a parking place while driving; ending up contesting one spot with another driver – all these can lead to errors and then accidents.

Home – or nearby

Being familiar with your neighbourhood can lead to a lack of attention. It’s easy to assume that every day is the same-old, same-old – until that day when, for whatever reason, circumstances have changed.

So, accidents can happen anywhere and at any time

Even if you pay great care, you might still be the victim of a not your fault accident. If this leads to your vehicle being stuck in a repair shop, how do you continue to live your normal life?

Under Australian Law, if you are the victim of a not at fault car accident, then you are entitled to a replacement courtesy car. So, if this happens to you, call this number 1800699034. Our experienced Not My Fault team will set to work to get you back on the road again