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Car accidents leave many people feeling uncertain about taking up the wheel again, especially if the collision wasn’t their fault. Getting a replacement courtesy car is the easy part, but if you’re struggling with anxiety when it comes to driving you need to take a slightly different route. Here are some steps you can take to get you heading in the right direction:

Don’t blame yourself

If the accident wasn’t your fault, there’s no use thinking about what you could have done differently or replaying the events in your mind. Chances are there’s nothing you could have done to anticipate what happened, so it’s best to think towards the future and start moving on.

Choose a car you feel comfortable with

Your accident replacement car should be a vehicle you’re used to driving. There’s no sense in getting something much bigger than you’re comfortable with, as you might feel uneasy about controlling it safely. A car you’re used to will help you adapt to driving again more easily and give you back your lost confidence.

Start with shorter journeys you’re familiar with

If the motorway seems like too much or you can’t stand the thought of hours on the road, start by using your car for local trips to the shops or visiting friends. By revisiting familiar routes you can be reassured of your abilities in places that you could navigate in your sleep. Keeping the trips short also means that if you do become uncomfortable, your destination is never too far away.

Get some company

When you’re driving alone your mind can often wander to places it shouldn’t and silence is the perfect breeding ground for anxiety. Driving with a friend or family member in the passenger seat could help prevent this through some light conversation. Even simply having another presence beside you might be enough to stave off unwelcome worries. Consider carpooling to work, that way you might not even have to drive every day and you can take turns with your co-workers, allowing you to slowly build up your time on the road again.

Talk to someone

Perhaps most importantly, don’t keep your feelings to yourself. Open up to those you’re close to or even seek the help of a therapist. Professional help is sometimes the fastest way to recovering your old life.

Here at Not My Fault we want to support you in finding the best replacement vehicle so that you can regain your driving confidence at your own pace. Give us a call today to discuss your options.