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It’s a very hectic time, and driving habits may differ from what is the norm for you throughout the rest of the year. So here are three key reminders as you set out on the road over the Christmas, New Year and school holiday period…

If you are driving much further than usual

You may have far-away family to visit for example. If so, give your car a thorough check for its road-worthiness – and for the complete round-trip journey distance. Tyres will be working extra hard, for example, and need to be properly inflated – especially if your in-vehicle load (of people and suitcases) is much heavier than usual.

If long journeys are not your normal driving experience, remember also to plan your route carefully, take plenty of liquids to drink, and take breaks to avoid the horrible consequences that can occur when driving over-tired.

Be careful of the in-car atmosphere and out-of-car behaviour

People, particularly kids, can be more hyper than usual – making it very easy to distract the driver’s attention for that vital moment. Be extra vigilant, and arrange activities for youngsters to keep them well-behaved during the journey. Outside your car, it’s also fair to say that other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians may not be as acutely safety-conscious as they might be at other times!

Driving under pressure

Holiday seasons can be hectic and therefore there may be pressure on the driver to get to their destination for specific times. Be sure you never forget that getting there safely is always more important than getting there on time – and that other drivers might be erratic under similar pressures.

If a not your fault accident does occur…

…then make sure you have this number with you: 1800699034. Should you fall victim to such an accident, and your vehicle is headed for a repair shop, call our Not My Fault team as soon as you can. Under Australian Law, you are entitled to an accident replacement vehicle in such ‘not your fault’ accident situations.

Here’s wishing you and yours a safe and pleasant journey this holiday season!