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One of the most commonly asked questions about not-at-fault accidents surrounds the need for legal advice. Although most people know who is in the wrong during these types of accidents, legal disputes can still occur. Though it isn’t necessary in all cases, legal advice can be beneficial to help manage your rights and ensure you get what you need to recover adequately. We share with you why seeking legal advice after a not-at-fault car accident is a beneficial option, especially for those who are unsure about the process and don’t understand their rights.

You may be in the wrong

During a not-at-fault car accident, the driver in front is usually blameless in the accident and will find themselves not liable for damages or repair costs. However, the reality of the situation may be vastly different, as the driver behind you may claim you’re at fault, or your driving resulted in the car accident. With legal help, you’re able to determine who is really at fault in this situation, in the eyes of the law, which will help you proceed with insurance claims and alike processes.

Guidance with insurance

Submitting an insurance claim can be stressful and complicated, especially when you haven’t completed the process before or you’re unsure of your entitlements. Especially for those who are eligible for an accident replacement vehicle, legal guidance will ensure you receive what’s on your policy so that you can resume your everyday life quickly. Some policies are incredibly complex and subject to changing regulations, and a legal representative can efficiently and promptly decipher your entitlements.

Ensure you’re not exploited

Between the driver of the other car and your insurance agency, it’s possible to feel taken advantage of with your not-at-fault claims. Some people implore a bully tactic to scare accident victims from making claims, especially those who are in the right and are entitled to help. A legal professional can provide you with much-needed support and assurance of your rights, and liaise with the other parties to ensure you get what you deserve.

Manage any injury claims

If you’ve unfortunately experienced any injury as a result of your not-at-fault accident, there are more issues at play than just your car repairs. Injury claims can be tricky to process, especially when addressing hospital cover, ambulance costs and rehabilitation fees. Legal advice is highly recommended for injured individuals so you can best receive the care and help you need. You may find you’re entitled to more support than you’re aware of, and you should receive this care when needed.