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Overpacking your suitcase can happen if you are flying, and you wish to take everything with you but also want to avoid those excess baggage charges. The result is usually a loss of temper and key items being forgotten! But, what if you are taking your car? Again, for a family trip, it can be a bit fraught trying to pack both all the gear and all the passengers into your vehicle! Of course, you manage it somehow, but this does emphasise how important the size of the vehicle you use in your daily life actually is.

When circumstances unexpectedly change

If you are suddenly involved in an accident and your car is going to need to spend time in a repair shop, then you start to think about all those regular activities you rely on that vehicle to complete. Even if you weren’t to blame, this doesn’t lessen the inconvenience and probably increases the frustration. If you are going to need a replacement vehicle, then size is important. Your car might be regularly used for large family shops or to transport a bunch of kids to sports practice. You might spend time ferrying elderly relatives, who need a bit of space to work with, to the shops or out for lunch. You might also need your vehicle for your job, and the space is vital for equipment, samples and the like.

The need for an adequate replacement

From the above examples, a clear premise arises. If you need a replacement car, then that’s what it really needs to be. A proper replacement – in terms of size. Okay, it might not be the same make or model, but you want it to be able to allow you to carry on as you would using your own vehicle until it’s repaired and ready for the road again. Of course, it’s also true that you might have chosen a small car as your own because that’s what you feel comfortable with. You then wouldn’t be happy with a replacement that seems more like a truck!

Contacting our Not My Fault team makes sense!

Many drivers still don’t realise that, under Australian Law, you are entitled to such a replacement after a not at fault accident. The cost is met by the insurance company of the responsible party. We will work with you to find a courtesy replacement car that matches your requirements as closely as possible. In this way, the inconvenience of the accident can be less invasive than it might otherwise be. So, if such an accident has left you as the innocent party, do call 1800699034 and talk to our helpful expert team…