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Some tips for driving in stormy weather

By April 27, 2022November 20th, 2023No Comments

The simplest tip of all: don’t drive through a storm! However, for whatever reason, you might not have a choice, or a storm may descend upon you while you’re already on the road. Therefore, if you are heading out on a substantial journey, the first tip is to check the weather forecast along your route. Once in stormy conditions, here are three further tips to consider…

Dealing with hydroplaning

Should this situation occur, some drivers try to speed up through the water. Others slam on their brakes. Neither action is recommended. The tip is to slowly ease your acceleration and gently steer yourself back on course. Once your vehicle is fully in your control, drive more slowly until clear of other possible hydroplaning situations.

That sudden hailstorm

Should one occur, it’s great if you can find a safe place to park. If not, experts recommend you stop facing the hailstorm. This is because your windscreen glass is stronger than that in your side or back windows. If the storm is really severe, it can be wise to lay down on the floor if possible. Whether you can or not, try and protect yourself (and passengers) by sheltering under a rug, blanket or coat, in case of shattered glass.

If the road is a mud-bath

This might be due to a mud-slip onto the highway. Of course, depending on the area, you might be driving on a dirt road. If you are, and know the weather might be bad, take what you need to dig yourself out with you. One error to avoid: don’t drive in previously made tracks. Although it can seem like a good idea, you’re actually taking your car deeper into the mud by doing so!

Accidents still happen

However carefully you drive, you can still be the unlucky victim of a not your fault accident. Under Australian Law, in such circumstances, and if your vehicle needs to undergo repairs, you are entitled to a courtesy accident replacement car.

Therefore, as soon as you know it’s safe to do so, please call 1800699034. Doing so puts you in touch with one of our skilled Not My Fault team members. This allows us to explain the procedures and take the steps to keep you on the road while your own vehicle is in the repair shop.