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If the traffic is usually quite light when you are on the road, suddenly being in a situation where the traffic is heavy and often slow-moving can be quite different. Should this happen to you, here are a few tips to help…

Keep your distance

There can be an inadvertent tendency, when in slow-moving queues, to close right up on the vehicle in front. Think time rather than distance; a useful guide is to always be at least three seconds of travelling time behind any vehicle.

Don’t do what you normally wouldn’t!

While you won’t text and drive in normal conditions, there can be a thought that it’s okay when the lanes of traffic are hardly moving. But you, and everyone else, is still on the go and circumstances can quickly change – this is so dangerous if you are not paying full attention.

Avoid weaving and do indicate>/h2>

In the lines when shopping, you’ll probably notice people who try to weave from one queue to another, in the hope they might save a few seconds! Avoid doing this on the road – it’s frustrating for other drivers and can lead to accidents or incidents.

If you do have a valid reason for changing lanes, do remember to indicate. Those behind you aren’t mindreaders – and might decide to do what you are doing at the same moment, if you haven’t warned them.

Avoid stuck-staring

Often, slow-moving traffic is due to an incident or accident. The natural tendency is to look. However, rather than a quick glance, many motorists end up starting for a longer period, their mind no longer on their own driving – they’re stuck staring!

If bad luck still strikes

No matter how much care you take in such situations, you might still fall victim to the inconsiderate or foolish actions of others. Should you be an innocent victim of a not your fault accident, Australian Law entitles you to a replacement courtesy car.

If this happens to you, please contact our Not My Fault team just as soon as you can. We can then set to work on your behalf. Here’s our number to keep with you: 1800699034.