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It’s a common stereotype that black boxes are fitted onto the cars of younger or newer drivers to give their parents and insurers added peace of mind that they’re staying safe while on the road. While this is true in many instances, the advantages of using a black box aren’t just confined to young adults. Take a look at why the team at Not My Fault believes people of all ages and driving abilities can benefit from installing black boxes on their cars.

Evidence for insurance claims

Black boxes can help with insurance claims both in the long and short term. Black boxes measure variables such as the speed, direction and location of your vehicle, among many others. This means they can help prove an accident you have been involved in was not your fault (if this is the case). In the long term, this is beneficial for any future policies you wish to take out because those at fault will usually have to pay higher premiums going forward. In the short term, it can help you secure a replacement car for free while your normal car is repaired or you shop for a new one.

Helps you adapt to our replacement/courtesy cars

By incorporating a black box into your everyday driving routine, you are going to adapt much quicker to our range of replacement and courtesy cars. It will help you understand the factors which set black boxes off – and how to avoid them. For example, by driving over a speed bump too fast, you will set off the black box alarm as the impact of this convinces the box that your vehicle has been involved in another crash.

Improves your driving

All in all, black boxes make drivers more aware while they’re on the road, which not only keeps you safe but your fellow road users too. Hopefully, you’ll be able to avoid contacting us for a replacement or courtesy car!

For more information on black boxes and their uses, contact our friendly and professional team at Not My Fault today.