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One of the most stressful moments in your life is experiencing a car accident, specifically if it’s a not at fault accident, where you have been an innocent bystander in the crash. The result can leave you physically and emotionally hurt, and with damages so considerable to your vehicle it could be considered a write-off. Luckily, much of the population has insurance to cover them for road accidents, and in this article, we discuss the essential questions you should be asking your insurer after your not at fault accident.

What is my insurance for these situations?

It may have been a long time since you commenced your insurance policy, and it’s not uncommon for most people to forget the specifics of their insurance policy. If you have the product disclosure statement available, consult the finer details of your insurance and check what your entitlements are. However, if this document is unavailable to you, most insurers are willing to discuss what your benefits are during this time. Based on the specifics of your accident, and the insurance of the other driver, your insurance will advise you accordingly.

Am I entitled to an accident replacement vehicle?

Continuing from the last point, you are best to ask your insurer whether you are entitled to the use of an accident replacement vehicle. Accident replacement cars are necessary to return to normal life, preventing you from losing your primary mode of transport to work and your personal commitments. However, most people aren’t sure if this is something they’re entitled to and often miss out on this service simply by neglecting to ask.

My car needs repairs: what is the process?

If your insurance covers you for damage to your car, it’s essential to understand the fine details of the repair process or the evaluation of your car’s damages. Depending on the insurer, your car may need to be serviced by specifically approved mechanics and panel beaters, and each insurer has their process of how they complete this. Even if you have been through this before, it’s best to check the procedure hasn’t changed and establish what you can expect to happen.

How can my insurance be better for next time?

Unfortunately, not at fault accidents are entirely out of your control, and every time you take to the road, you are at risk of this happening again. If your insurance policy hasn’t been valuable to you after this accident, ask your insurer what your policy needs to cover you better for these situations and how you can be entitled to an accident replacement vehicle easily.

We understand not at fault accidents intimately, and at NotAtFault, we are here to help you get back on the road again. Contact us to discuss your specific situation today!