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You might suddenly be faced with having to drive unusually early in the day. We know that some people are out and about bright and early every morning. For others, having to undertake an early morning drive – perhaps to a strange location or a longer journey than the usual commute – is an unusual experience. If this is you, here are some tips to help…

Don’t drive while half-awake

Some people wake up in an instant each morning. Others can take quite a time to get going. If the latter best describes you, then make sure you are up-and-about in good time to be fully awake before heading off. Taking a little exercise is of great value; simply downing a huge mug of coffee and getting straight behind the wheel not quite as good a move.

Don’t assume the roads are empty of traffic!

It’s easy to imagine, if you are not usually on the go at this time, that the roads will be fairly empty. Such an assumption can lead to your subconsciously paying less attention than you normally would. There’s still traffic on the road, so driving deserves as much attention as you’d give it during really busy times of the day.

Don’t assume the roads are deserted

Apart from the traffic that we’ve already mentioned, early-morning drivers know well that it’s likely you will come across wildlife who seem to believe that, at this time of day, roads are their domain.

Consider different weather conditions

In the early morning, it pays to be ready for weather conditions you are less likely to see later in the day. Morning frosts can be about at certain times of the year; as can patchy mists or fogs to hamper clear vision.

Accidents still happen!

At any time of day, you can be the victim of an accident where you were not to blame. If your vehicle is in need of repair, Australian Law sees you entitled to a replacement courtesy car. In case this happens, keep our Not My Fault team number with you and call us as soon as you can. That number is 1800699034.