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Should you find yourself the victim of a ‘not my fault’ car accident, then it’s obviously a distressing, even frightening experience. It’s also true that, after these feelings start to subside, panic can easily set in. There are places you need to be and commitments you must fulfil, such as going to work, dropping the kids off at school or sports activities, or perhaps helping ageing relatives stay mobile. This is where our New Year’s resolutions will prove extremely valuable…

I will not pay avoidable out-of-pocket expenses

This could be as simple as relying on public transport and paying the price to do so while waiting for your car to be repaired. This is never as convenient as having your own transport to hand. Another alternative could be to hire taxis to get you where you need to be. Over a period, such costs can quickly add up. You might just rely on family and friends, often an inconvenience to you both.

However, here we’re focusing on another action people often take before thinking it through. It can be easy to assume that you need to go and hire a replacement vehicle. You hope that, in due course, you’ll be refunded your substantial outlay. This isn’t always the case; even if it is, a fair time period can pass before this occurs.

Can we add a second, equally important, resolution?

It’s this: I will contact Not My Fault and allow them to organise a replacement vehicle at no expense to me.

The costs will be borne by the insurance company of the person who caused the accident in which you and your vehicle were inadvertently involved. You should also expect the vehicle to be as close to a like-for-like replacement as is possible, allowing you to carry on with your daily life with as little hassle as can be managed. By the way, an excess waiver is even included!

All we require is some information about your vehicle and the crash itself, and then we can set to work on your behalf. We can even drop your replacement courtesy car off at the repair shop where you are leaving your own.

And a third New Year’s resolution

A very simple one: keep our phone number in your wallet, purse or on your phone. It’s 1800699034; if you are involved in an accident then our experienced Not My Fault team are instantly ready to help.

Of course, finally, we’d like to wish you a Happy New Year and an accident-free 2019.