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Accidents are a fact of life. When we are on the roads, we take a chance that we may have an accident. But just like all cars have different specifications, some cars are safer than others.

Features that make a car safer

Modern cars have something called crumple zones which absorb any impact damage done to the car. This is to protect the passengers and the driver. Airbags can be thought of as dangerous, but in reality, they do help upon impact. Airbags and seat belts are both very important to stop you and your passengers from flying out of the window.

Anti-lock braking systems are fitted to stop your steering and brakes from your car locking up under heavy braking.

More importantly, mid to large cars are a lot safer. This is because there is, simply put, more car to damage before it gets to the people inside. A long bonnet gives you more space between you and the other car. It is also heavier, generally, so there is less of a chance of rolling.

Accidents still happen

Unfortunately, all the safety features in the world can’t protect you from another driver who isn’t paying attention. Sometimes you can’t get out of the way or stop the crash from happening.

When you are in a crash that isn’t your fault, you can get a replacement rental vehicle and you generally are given a medium-sized family car. They are a better, safer bet. You have been through a terrible experience and thanks to modern technology, you have not been injured badly. So now you need to get on the road again as soon as possible, but your vehicle is being repaired. If the crash wasn’t your fault, there is no reason for you to be inconvenienced. You want reliability, safety and the same quality. You want a safe like-for-like replacement.

When you are inconvenienced by a crash that wasn’t your fault, you need to feel protected while you are vulnerable. Don’t settle for an unreliable, unsafe car that will leave you stranded or in dangerous situations. Simply call Not My Fault for a rental car that is as safe as your old one and relax, knowing you are in safe hands.