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Accidents can happen to even the most experienced drivers, at times when you least expect it. However, the aftermath of the crash is worse if you choose to ignore the accident or fail to address the situation correctly.

Whether you have caused the crash, or your accident is a not at fault car accident, there are certain things you shouldn’t do after it happens. In this article, we explain the crucial mistakes drivers make after a crash, which dramatically affects their ability to get on the road again, access their insurance, and recover from the accident.

Don’t Leave The Scene

Small fender benders, when you are the recipient of a tap to the rear bumper, can seem like a momentary passing while driving. While you may not be hurt, and you may not be worried about the state of your vehicle, do not drive away from the accident. As soon as possible, find a safe, clear space to pull over, using your indicator, and the other driver involved should follow you. Legally, you are required to stop after being involved in an accident, so don’t ignore this simple action.

Don’t Forget To Get The Other Driver’s Details

While everything may look safe to leave the scene, and everyone is content with the situation, it’s impossible to know what might happen in the aftermath. For your security and insurance claims, you need to record the details of the other driver. We advise to document their name, address, phone number, make and model of the car, licence plate, and the driver’s license number. Some insurance providers require all of those details to process a claim, and trying to retrieve these details after the incident can prove extremely tricky, so the best time to collect them is at the scene.

Don’t neglect your insurance

If your car requires repairs or it is now a complete write-off, the longer you leave your insurance claim, the less likely you are to have your vehicle back on the road quickly, and the more complicated the process will begin to feel. Your insurance may entitle you to an accident replacement vehicle, and any delaying your insurance claim will only prolong the access to this car, resulting in severe disruptions to your daily routines.

Don’t Avoid Medical Help

The best time to seek medical help for any injuries suffered as a result of the accident is immediately after the incident itself. For your safety and health, leaving injuries unattended will exacerbate your recovery time, while making it harder to explore TAC and medical claims on insurance. This advice applies to your passengers and even the other driver of the accident.

Not at fault accidents can happen at any time, and we know how stressful the entire experience can be. Contact us at NotatFault to discuss your situation, and allow us to help you get back on the road today!