If you’ve had a car accident and it’s not your fault then you have a right to drive a replacement car that is provided to you by the “at-fault” insurer.  However, most insurers don’t readily make this available to their customers for financial reasons.

You have a right to drive a rental courtesy car provided to you by “NotMyFault” at the expense of the “at-fault” insurance company.


If you weren’t at fault in the accident and your vehicle has been written off you are still entitled to a replacement car. You can still apply online and you will be advised as to how long you can have the replacement car for.<

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There are many cars across most categories that we can get you into Australia wide. We place you in like for like vehicles meaning that 4WD owners can be given a 4WD, tradies with a Utility vehicle or Van can have the same so that their working life continues.

If you have a smaller car we will put you in a compact vehicle. All vehicles provided will be late model vehicles.


All replacement vehicles provided to you come with comprehensive insurance for your peace of mind. In the unfortunate event that you have an accident in the replacement car you will be covered.

If the accident isn’t your fault be sure to obtain other person’s licence details, registration of their vehicle and phone number and provide to team members who supplied you with car.

Unfortunately, car accidents are a fact of life on the road. In a life-threatening situation, you will need to contact the emergency services on 000. However, for the most part, car accidents usually mean nothing more than some vehicle damage and an ensuing insurance claim. It is important to obtain all the other parties’ details before you go your separate ways. This means the name, address and insurance company of the driver or drivers concerned. Take care to get the name and address of the car’s owner if this doesn’t happen to be the driver. This should make your insurance claim against the driver who is at fault go smoothly. What else do you need to remember in the heat of the moment and afterwards to ensure you get back on the road without a hitch?

Check Your Car’s Road Worthiness

Driving off in a car that is damaged may not be against the law, but it could land you in trouble if your vehicle is in a state whereby you are a danger to others or yourself. Sometimes, it is obvious that  you cannot legally continue on the road because the steering has become misaligned  for instance, but it can be tricky to make the assessment yourself if you are not a trained mechanic or panel beater.

Write accident description

Once you are home or in another safe place, write a brief account of what happened and how the collision occurred. Even though you might be emotional about it, try to stick to the facts only which will make your accident description more useful to your insurer. Drawing a diagram can often be a good way of explaining who was at fault and why.

Contact Your Insurer

You should phone your car insurance company to get the ball rolling with a claim. Comprehensive insurance policy holders should find that damage to any other property is covered, for example, if you have hit a wall as a result of being run off the road. Third party insurance will cover this sort of damage, too, but not the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle.

Repair or Replace

If your car is off the road and needs to be repaired, then you should have the work carried out by a reputable panel beater. If your car is written off by your insurer, then this means the cost of repairing it outweighs the value of a replacement. Obtain several quotations from sellers of vehicles of the same model, age and approximate mileage so that you can provide them with an accurate valuation if you believe that your vehicle is worth more than what is being offered.

Get Back On the Road

Regardless of whether or not you have a hire car option on your policy if you are involved in a not at fault accident then we should be able to provide you with a hire car whilst repair works are carried out with the costs being passed on to the insurance company of the at-fault driver.


We operate under Australian law

If you find yourself saying it wasn’t my fault after an accident you were involved in then under Australian Law you are entitled to a replacement car. Insurance companies don’t readily advertise this given the fact that they will be the ones paying for the costs incurred.