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As summer approaches once again, so too do the risks of car accidents rise for many Aussies on the roads. A lot of the time, these are accidents outside of our control or as a result of someone letting their guard down. As a driver, you should be aware of the dangers that summer can bring for those on the road. Here at Not My Fault, we want to ensure drivers are as safe as possible, so read on to find out more.

Heat exhaustion

Whether it’s due to dehydration or general fatigue as a result of the heat, many drivers are finding themselves drowsier while in the seat – especially during long journeys. This leads to inattentiveness, reduced reaction time, or even falling asleep at the wheel, resulting in more crashes and collisions with other vehicles or objects.


In the summer, we all feel good about ourselves. And while this is great for our self-confidence and general happiness, it can lead to arrogance or cockiness on the road, whether it be speeding faster than we should be, or taking less care while going around a corner.

Construction work

Summer is the prime time for construction work to be carried out as it’s warmer and the days are lighter for longer, meaning workers can dedicate more hours to the job at hand. However, these are all changes from the regular environment, which can distract or confuse drivers – resulting in accidents.


During the summer, people want to go out and be more social than ever. This leads to families and couples flocking to their cars for a fun day out at the beach, resulting in congestion on the roads. If congestion isn’t managed properly, or if a driver gets road rage at the blockages, accidents can easily happen.

Here at Not My Fault, we know the unfairness of being without your trusty vehicle following an accident that wasn’t your fault. That’s why we offer a reliable replacement courtesy car service, offering accident replacement vehicles at a similar point of value to your own. Don’t go without a car – trust Not My Fault to get you back on the road with our courtesy car hire service.