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With the rise of dashboard cameras increasing, more drivers are considering installing mounted cameras permanently in their vehicle. Though some people find them unnecessary, other drivers attest to their safety and financial advantages. As a leading not-at-fault accident replacement vehicle supplier, we confirm the importance of dashboard cameras and share with you our reasons why every driver should have one installed today.

Prove who was in the wrong

Once you’ve experienced a not-at-fault accident, in which you’re not the cause of the accident, it isn’t uncommon for the other driver to dispute the claim. Though some accidents are undisputedly the fault of the other driver, such as rear collisions, other accidents may not be so clear cut. To claim your accident replacement vehicle with your insurance, as well as any damage repairs, you may need to prove you the other driver was in the wrong. With your dash camera, you can easily argue any claims from the other driver, showing what happened in the situation quickly.

Analyse your driving habits

We never stop learning how to better our driving skills, and dash cameras play an essential part of this process. Regularly, drivers utilise the footage to review their time on the road, reflecting on driving skills, lane-change timing and their response to high-pressure situations. In times when you’re the cause of a not-at-fault accident, this analysis tool will allow you to review where you went wrong, and hopefully adjust your driving style.

Safety for young and inexperienced drivers

Parents of teenage drivers and newly licenced p-platers may take comfort in a dash camera, supporting their first days on the road. As most dash cameras offer GPS options, parents can monitor their teen’s driving habits, how long they spend driving each day, or the time of day they drive the most. Though it may not be for the parent’s themselves, young drivers may take comfort in the camera during their early days too. As this device records any accidents or issues that occur, they gain confidence from knowing they can prove any problems weren’t related to their driving style.

Record experiences on the road

Safety is a critical reason for getting a dash camera, but recording memories and experiences are just as significant. For long road trips with the family or experiences through nature and four-wheel driving, dash cameras record the adventure without much effort from you, allowing you to concentrate on driving and the experience itself.

If you’ve been involved in an incident and your car is off-road, an accident replacement car can enable you to get on with your daily life. Contact us today to find out more.