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After a busy and expensive Christmas, the last thing anyone wants is any extra costs that could potentially send them falling into debt. If you get into a car accident, even if it wasn’t your fault, you might start panicking about the potential costs of sourcing a courtesy car.

At Not My Fault, we’re here to put your mind at ease and assure you that a not at fault car accident won’t leave you out of pocket.

No out of pocket expense

When you’re in a not at fault car accident, the responsibility to pay for your accident replacement car falls at the hands of the party at fault, or their insurance company. The rental car company will work with them to present you with a suitable car, so you can get back on the road as quickly and easily as possible.

Credit hire

All you need to do in order to receive your replacement car or vehicle is provide us at Not My Fault with as much detail as you can remember about the accident and what took place, to help us to recover the costs of your hire car from the at-fault driver. In some cases, you will need to sign a form to confirm the verity of the information you give us.

Then, the car is given to you on a ‘credit hire’ basis, with no cost to you. Your credit card details may simply be kept as security in case of any tolls or fines.

Get a like for like replacement vehicle

At Not My Fault, we understand the frustration of having to deal with driving a smaller, less energy efficient or less luxurious hire car while you wait for your own to be repaired. That’s why we deliver like for like replacement cars, as identical to yours as possible in terms of safety, age, value and features.

Instead of incurring heavy out of pocket fees at a rental company, trust us to sort out your replacement vehicle when you have suffered a not at fault accident.