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We’re fast approaching the time of year when busy seems to get even busier, especially in your home or family life. There may be short or long drives to be undertaken to allow you to spend precious time with close family or friends. You might need to head off to the airport or rail station to pick up relatives arriving interstate to spend some time with you. If you have kids, then there may well be parties for them to attend, or you might want to take them on day trips to enjoy our wonderful outdoors.

So, you’re busy, busy, busy – and then…

… it’s not your fault, but you are involved in a traffic accident. Apart from the shock and distress, plus possible minor injuries, a huge problem has just arrived. Your vehicle is out of commission, and will be for a period of time while it’s being repaired. This ‘carless’ time might even be lengthened by the fact that the repair shop will be closed at some stage over the holiday season.

What to do

You might immediately assume that you need to go and hire a car. This can be highly expensive, particularly at a time when there are plenty of other demands on your finances. Even if you expect to be able to reclaim these costs later, it will take a fair period of time before you receive any refund for this sudden, unwelcome and hefty financial outlay.

Luckily, there is a better option!

Contact our helpful and experienced team at Not My Fault, either online or by calling 1800 699 034. Once you have provided some key details of your not-my-fault accident, we’ll instantly set to work organising your accident replacement car. This will be paid for through the insurance company of the at-fault driver, and will be as close to a like-for-like vehicle as possible. We know how important this is; you’ll want to make sure you can carry out all those journeys just as you were intending to, in terms of passenger numbers and any equipment to be carried.

Of course, we all hope that a not-my-fault accident doesn’t disrupt your enjoyment of such a special time of year. But, if it does, then we’re always ready to help.

Season’s greetings!