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When choosing an accident replacement vehicle, some people opt for models that are completely different from what they’re used to, enjoying the time to test drive a different type of car. However, we’ve learned that choosing an unusual style of vehicle isn’t always best. Below, we share with you why it’s better to pick a car similar to your own for your accident replacement vehicle.

Adjustment period

Much like buying a new car, driving an accident replacement vehicle takes time to adjust to. Combine this with a car type drastically different to yours, and you may experience a long and uncomfortable adjustment period, especially when your driving confidence has hit a low after your accident.

Most people struggle with a vehicle that’s much bigger than their own. Transitioning from a small, compact vehicle to larger four-wheel-drive models presents a unique driving experience, as the car is wider on the road and can be challenging to park. How the mirrors are placed, the blind spot and the power of the engine are all new to you, and the brakes can also differ significantly between models and brands.

This adjustment period can also be true of downsizing your car; if you choose an accident replacement vehicle smaller than your own, you may experience the same difficulties.

Not suitable for your needs

A mistake most people make by choosing a replacement vehicle unlike their own is compromised space. Downsizing your car, for example, often means you lose flexibility with your boot and passenger space. For young families, this can prove extremely challenging, especially if you require the room for car seats and strollers.

When it comes to work vehicles, it’s essential you match your replacement vehicle with your current one; tradies who require vans and trucks should pick a vehicle that allows them to continue their work and gives them the room they need to transport their equipment and tools safely.

Potential for another accident

The more unfamiliar the car is, the more chance you have of being in another car accident, even a not-at-fault one. During a time when your stress levels are high, and your driving confidence is low, it’s paramount to limit the change in your driving style as much as possible. If you need a specific vehicle for your accident replacement car, contact us as soon as possible so we can help you find the car you love!