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Are Australian roads safer or more dangerous these days? Are there things drivers should watch out for to avoid road accidents – especially not my fault accidents? The answers lie partly in the statistics, which give a surprising snapshot of what’s happening out there. Let’s take a quick look at three recent road accident trends that you may not have expected.

1. Vehicle registration in Australia and road fatalities

According to, since 2008 there’s been about a 20% increase in car registrations in Australia. Basically there are more vehicles on the roads than ever before. The good news is that despite the increased number of vehicles, road fatalities have gone down.

2. Injuries

Unfortunately, according to the publication ‘Road Trauma Australia – Annual Summaries’ produced by the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics, the rate of hospitalised injuries caused by car accidents went up by about 10% in the period 2008 to 2015. The sad fact is that car accidents still happen all too frequently, even if they’re less likely to be as serious as they once were.

3. Young drivers vs experienced drivers

According to the National Road Safety Strategy, there’s been a 12% drop in serious road accidents involving the under 40 age group over the past decade. In contrast, serious road accidents in the over 40 age range have gone up by about 12% for the same period. It appears that strategies to educate young people about road safety, coupled with more rigorous driver education (both learning and testing), are having an impact on improved road safety for young drivers. Perhaps drivers over the age of 40 would benefit from going back to driving school.

With these statistics in mind, the risks of a not my fault accident are still very real. What should you do if you’re caught up in this situation? First of all, you may be entitled to an accident replacement car. You can contact Not My Fault to arrange a not at fault accident rental car right away. We won’t treat you like a statistic either. Instead, we’ll help you politely and professionally with all your replacement courtesy car needs.