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Car accidents are, unfortunately, a common occurrence. As such, there are often many opinions and experiences from car accident victims about replacement vehicle hire that get turned into inaccurate myths. If you have been in a ‘not my fault’ accident it is important to have all the correct information to help you through this potentially difficult time. Below we debunk common myths about accident replacement vehicles…

1. There is only a limited choice of replacement vehicles

Despite what you may have heard, at Not My Fault there is a wide selection of accident replacement vehicles for an individual to choose from. We endeavour to pair individuals with vehicles most suited for them; for example, if your four-wheel drive has been in an accident, we will give you a four-wheel drive replacement vehicle. This ensures your lifestyle is not affected in any way and you can continue with your daily activities with ease.

2. If a vehicle is written off, the driver is not entitled to a replacement vehicle

In the unfortunate event that your car is written off after a ‘not my fault’ accident, you are still entitled to a replacement vehicle. This is ideal for drivers who do not want to rush to purchase a new vehicle but still need to drive a car in the meantime.

3. Replacement cars can’t be insured and are therefore unsafe

Every Not My Fault vehicle comes complete with comprehensive insurance to protect you in the unlikely situation that you are in another accident. This ensures you can have complete peace of mind whilst driving your replacement vehicle.

4. The process of receiving a replacement vehicle is so long it isn’t worth applying

The process for applying for a replacement vehicle with Not My Fault is quick and convenient. You are able to apply for a vehicle 24/7, so no matter what day or time it is, our team can work quickly to get you the vehicle you need.

For more information on accident replacement vehicles, do not hesitate to contact a member of Not My Fault’s expert team today.