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So, it’s time to go pick up your car after a not my fault accident. Look beyond the appearance, the colour match, and a clean vehicle and check each of the following for peace of mind before driving off:

1. Airbag replacement

Some unscrupulous repair shops can charge your insurance for new airbags and fail to install them. Knock the centre of your steering wheel; if it sounds hollow, the airbag may be missing. Additionally, if your airbag light is on, it’s time you raise the alarm and have it checked.

2. Clipping

This involves welding the used parts of one vehicle on to another car. Remember that newer cars are made of lightweight but tough materials. Clipping can result in structural weakness that can be fatal in the event of an accident.

3. Torque

The replacement of suspension parts should be torqued according to the manufacturers’ specifications. If these are not adhered to, the loose assembly may result in poor handling and performance. You can ask the repair centre about the procedure they used and compare it to the torque specifications they provide for your car.

4. Spare parts

Aftermarket and used structural parts may not meet the original manufacturers’ specifications and recommendations. Used or inferior parts can make a significant difference if the car is involved in another accident. It’s unfortunate that some insurance companies may require the repair shops to use these parts. You can ask the repair centre to show you the invoice or receipts of the parts they used to fix your car.

5. Alignment

A car pulling to one direction can indicate a misaligned unibody structure or a bent frame. As a result, the vehicle may not drive straight, or its tyres may wear out quickly.

Shortcuts in car repairs can cost lives. Thus, it is imperative that you thoroughly check if the repairs were done according to the manufacturers’ specifications. Not My Fault can provide you with an accident replacement car while your vehicle is under repairs. We let you choose a vehicle that is similar to your own so that you do not drive anything that is far inferior to your car. Call us today if you need a courtesy car hire.