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If you are the victim of an accident that is not your fault, then you’ll discover, later in this blog, how we can quickly help you remain on the road. To help make sure you avoid being the cause of an accident, here are five useful questions to ask yourself about your driving…

1. Do you adjust your mirrors before starting each journey? Suddenly realising, when on the move, that they’ve been knocked out of alignment, and then trying to correct their positioning, takes your eyes off the road.

2. How often do you signal, and check both your speed and your mirrors when on the move? When changing lanes, speeding up after a hold-up, or turning – how often do other motorists frustrate you by failing to do the above? How about you?

3. Do you make sure everything is securely stowed before you set off? This can be anything from the groceries you’ve just shopped for to bottles of water – in fact, anything that might come loose and roll around in your vehicle. This includes children and pets!

4. Are you fully groomed before setting off? Even if you are running late, using the mirror when adjusting your tie or applying make-up means you’re not paying attention!

5. If you have a passenger, do you put them in control of the ‘entertainment’? It’s not unknown for drivers to insist on operating the radio or CD player in all circumstances!

The above are just a few ways that it is too easy to become sidetracked while driving. Even then, we know how you can sadly be an innocent victim of a not your fault accident.

Why it makes sense to contact our Not My Fault team

If you are not at fault, then, under Australian Law, you are entitled to a replacement courtesy car, of the same type as your own (e.g. not a compact as a replacement for a 4WD), while yours is off the road. We can organise to deliver this to the repair shop where you leave your damaged car – and pick it up again from that same location when you return to collect yours after repairs are complete.

Make a note of this number: 1800699034. Just one call, and our Not My Fault team can quickly gather the information to start this process…