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This is the term for developing a driving skill set that helps to avoid harsh or sudden braking. If you are doing either of these on a regular basis, it can be more likely that you could be involved in an accident; even if the accident itself isn’t actually your fault.

What exactly is progressive braking?

Firstly, it’s about journey awareness; paying careful attention to the road ahead and conditions of travel. Then, it’s the process of starting with only slight pressure on your brakes, which you can gradually increase, and then finish without needing harsh pressure on your brakes.

This is a worthwhile technique to use for a variety of reasons. Braking in this gradual way, as much as is possible, offers other road users a better chance to respond to your behaviour. It also helps prevent wheel lock or skidding, and can lead to a valuable reduction on the wear, not just of your brakes, but also your tyres.

It also helps you save on fuel and provides a more comfortable and relaxed ride for both yourself and any passengers.

Progressive braking – the three F’s

This is a simple way to remember the process of progressive braking...

• Gently FEEL – initially, you take up any slack which exists between brake pads and disks. This gentle action allows you to know the exact point where your brakes begin to slow your vehicle.

• Add gradual FIRM pressure – this is an ongoing process to bring your car down to your required speed to deal with road traffic situations, from a sweeping bend to upcoming traffic lights, or even a visible hazard that you are about to encounter.

• Aim for a FEATHERED finish – as you slow down, only light pressure should be required to complete the action and bring your vehicle to a halt; depressing the clutch for the last few metres.

Apart from dealing with sudden emergencies, using the above process could be said to be the exact opposite of FAST and FURIOUS when braking becomes a desperate exercise!

Breaking news! You might still be an innocent accident victim

Despite your best efforts, you can still be involved in a not-your-fault accident. In such circumstances, if your car is going to the repair shop, under Australian Law, you are entitled to a replacement courtesy car.

Our Not My Fault team are ready to explain and assist, should this happen to you. So it’s wise to keep our number at hand: 1800699034 and contact us as soon as possible after the event.