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Apart from totally unacceptable behaviours, such as driving when drunk or under the influence of drugs, there is a wide range of other reasons why accidents occur. Here are some of the most common; it’s worthwhile thinking how many might – even if just once in a while – raise a red flag reminder for you…


Speeding doesn’t have to be by many kph. This can be particularly true in areas new to you, where you may not be certain of the limits. Equally, on longer drives, speed concentration can easily waver.


Many people think of this occurring at high-speed on highways, especially zooming up behind frustratingly slow heavy loads. But, this can happen just as frequently in city or town traffic queues when travelling at only a few kph.


From taking or making phone calls to eating a sandwich or unwrapping a sweet; from putting on make-up or straightening a tie – all can cause that vital moment of non-concentrated driving.


Particularly when conditions suddenly change from dry to very wet, calm to extremely windy, clear to foggy or misty. Being too slow to react is an easy error to make, especially if your concentration isn’t at it’s highest. The same is true of a more gradual switch from day to nighttime conditions when on a long journey.


A word that brilliantly expresses the unthinking condition of staring open-mouthed at some off-road event or incident or that accident on the other side of the highway.

Road conditions

Potholes or debris are a good example. Here, a lack of attention to the road ahead can cause the vehicle to come into contact with holes or bumps that throw it off-course. Particularly out-of-town, here in Australia, the behaviour of animals who are not highway-savvy could also come under this heading!

Even when you have taken great care…

…it’s easy to become an innocent victim of another driver who hasn’t! If your car needs to spend time in a repair shop, under Australian Law, if you are not at fault, then you are entitled to a replacement courtesy car. This is why it’s important to keep this number with you – 1800699034 – and then call our Not My Fault team should this ever happen to you…